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Concurrent College Courses

Students at North Scott High School have the opportunity to earn general education and degree specific college credit from Eastern Iowa Community College (EICC).

In order to obtain an AA degree from EICC, students need a combination of the 3 credit types:  Concurrent, CCIR & Self-Pay.

  • Concurrent: Classes are taught at NSHS with no cost to the student
  • CCIR: Classes are taught at EICC or online and tuition is paid by NSHS* while students are responsible for books and supplies
  • Self-Pay: Classes are taught at EICC or online and student is responsible for tuition, books, and supplies  

*NSHS will pay for tuition for 2 approved courses per year for juniors & seniors.

NSHS offers degree/certificate program courses in: Automotive, Education (Early Childhood, Elementary & Secondary), Health, Nursing, and Welding.

Students must research the specific degree/program they are interested in to find all courses that are required.