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Course Descriptions & Flowcharts

The subjects and programs outlined below will make it possible for students to select a program of study determined by their interests, skills, and abilities. As students make their course selections, they should keep in mind the graduation unit requirements along with their own personal interests, aptitudes and abilities. It is recommended that eighth grade students and their caregivers review this information together. By reviewing these items, students will have a better idea of how the four years will sequence together for a program that will best fit their needs.

Counselors and staff will assist students selecting their programs based on aptitude, achievement test scores, past performance, recommendations and caregiver guidance.

Please note that some courses listed may not be offered due to low enrollment numbers and schedule limitations. If a student is interested in taking a course not available at our high school, a principal or counselor will make an effort to determine if the opportunity is available elsewhere. Selection of courses by teachers will not be honored. Courses have established cap sizes and classes are balanced to ensure maximum personal attention.

Student Handbook